Kenneth G. Stoudt Volunteer Award Winners

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Name 2 of the 6 winners of the newly renamed Kenneth G. Stoudt Volunteer Award.

Ken Stoudt, 2007 J. Freeland Chryst Award winner, football standout, businessman, philanthropist and community volunteer, died In September. The Hall of Fame announced renaming of the Volunteer Award in his honor at its October banquet. The Hall of Fame first presented the award in 2016.

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Correct answer requires 2 of the 6 Kenneth G. Stoudt Volunteer Award winners below:

2022 -- Robert Diller

2021 -- Mike Tafelski

2019 -- Doug Kraft

2018 -- Bob Sauders

2017 -- Dave Porter

2016 -- Sam Paone

Ken Stoudt's Chryst Award bio